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206 E Monroe St
Williamsport, IN 47993
Phone: (765) 762-2500
Fax: (765) 762-0371 


The Williamsport School family of students, staff, parents, and community will provide a nurturing environment in which everyone will become a responsible, lifelong learner.


To accomplish this vision, Williamsport School will:

Provide a safe, orderly, and non-threatening environment that is developmentally appropriate and organized for optimum achievement.  Establish a sense of school family: students, staff, parents, and community working together to meet the physical, emotional, academic, and social needs of students.  Provide a learner centered curriculum that fosters critical thinking and independent problem solving.  Clearly articulate and align curriculum, instruction, assessments, and report cards to state standards and communicate these to all stakeholders.  Use a socially responsible, ethics-based curriculum.  Provide learning opportunities that are project based, relevant, engaging and allow for student choice.  Utilize research based practices and student data to differentiate instruction.  Employ effective two-way communication that encourages parents to play an active role in monitoring and supporting the academic achievement of their children.